Submission Information—opens September 1, 2015

Please send written work to in a Word attachment, and B&W illustrations in high res JPG file with minimum 300DPI. Images must be clear, clean and crisp. We will respond in 2 weeks with acknowledgement of receipt. If the piece does not work for the anthology, or if it fits perfectly, we will respond within 1-2 months. If we want to consider the work further, we will write and ask permission to hold on to it for a longer period. While previously published work will be considered, simultaneous submissions will not.

  1. Since this is a benefit book, contributors copies will be NOT be sent out. Contributors may purchase the book directly from GLP at a deep discount.
  2. Your work will demand a place in the book if it belongs there; credentials and awards will matter less than the work you submit.
  3. We are looking for high quality, impactful, beautifully crafted, layered and lyrical language. We want it all—power, color, emotion.
  4. Send your submissions to Ami at
  5. Please type “CD,” first & last name in subject line
  6. You may send a short cover note. A bio is not required at the time of the submission. We will request a bio if your work is selected because you may want to update it prior to galley preparation. By its very nature this book will be highly selective. If your submission is not accepted the first time, you may send out another submission for consideration.
  7. Please follow our Collateral Damage Anthology Facebook page to get the best and most current information and updates!

    Since we may get too many pieces on a particular topic, or too few, we will announce what we need and which “topics” have been filled on the Collateral Damage Anthology page.

    After we have taken care of production and printing costs, discounts to various retailers, and our distributing networks, we will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book to UNICEF (or a similar charity), and also to “100 Thousand Poets for Change.”

    To make any kind of significant impact, we will need to sell a LOT of books, and you can all help to spread the word not only within our literary and academic circles but beyond. We need to promote this cause anywhere and everywhere possible: schools, universities, book stores, child advocacy organizations, hospitals, libraries, coffee houses, eateries, retail stores, corporations, malls, etc.

    Please make a commitment to participate and get involved in one way or another. We can make this happen together. Let us help the children of our world~ Thank you all!